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Surely, there is no proper understanding of the work and mission of the Church local without reading it into the context of the local community and its society that it serves. In this way, the hsitory of the community can become HIS-story.

The History Database reports the key events of the history of our community, its origin, foundations and development. As the Church local as the body of the Lord co-labourers with Him in the work of the Kingdom in our community, the History Database acts as an ongoing reference source for reporting about the growth and development of our community and beyond. 
The History Database is maintained and kept up to date through the inputs from local historians and collaborative groups of interest and their contributions. Thus, the resource is constantly evolving and growing in reporting on the history of our community.

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Ministries and Services

The Local Church in Durbanville serves our community.

As the local body of Christ, we are servants to the community.
We are thus co-labourers with Him in the work in Durbanville.
Therefore this Ministry Services Resource reports on various works of ministry serving our community and beyond.


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Equipping our Community


Apostolic Focus - Foundations

There is only One Chief Cornerstone for the Church Local - that is Christ Jesus Himself. 
He is building His Church. Read about this foundational truth, functions HERE.

Prophetic Focus - Messages

The essence of prophecy is to point to the Head of His body, Christ Jesus. 
He is the Spirit of prophecy.
ead more about His messages to His Church, our city, region and country HERE.

Shepherding Focus - Caring

As the Shepherd of His sheep, Christ Jesus guides, keeps His sheep together as God's People. 
Read more about it caring, and caring communities HERE.

Teaching Focus - Learning

Truth is not only fact, it is also a Person. 
Christ Jesus is Truth personified and that is how Truth sets people free. 
Read more about truths that bring progressive maturing HERE.

Good News Focus - Communications

The Gospel is Good News. 
The central focus of the Good News is Christ Jesus, the only true hope for the world - and that is very good news. 
Read more on the good news in action HERE.